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seductive massage londonWhen you and your partner want to make love, seductive massage is an ideal preparation because it not only helps you to relax and leave the cares of the day behind but also makes you feel cherished, loved, and more receptive to further intimate touch.

In our location in central London the seductive massage, therefore, can be the ultimate sexual seduction tool if you both desire sex. if you want to make a order for seductive massage in your hotel is same service but you stay relaxing in your room an our masseuses arrives in 30 min in your location in central London.


If both partners are in agreement about the desired destination, erotic massage can be the ideal prelude to sex. One of the most beneficial effects of a leisurely erotic massage is a feeling that you are expanding time.

Bodily sensation becomes magnified and the very act of breathing becomes a conscious one, guiding you even deeper into your body, beyond the mind, into  a world of timeless bliss. 

Taking the time to slowly and deeply arouse each  other sets the scene for attentive, synchronized, and harmonious lovemaking. One of the dangers of diving straight into sex from regular, daily activity is that you continue to respond and react in an habitual and semi-conscious way.

In other words, you keep “doing” rather than “being,” trying to make sex happen as opposed to allowing the energy of the lovemaking itself to move your bodies in a spontaneous, harmonious fusion.

Both men and women need to feel validated and appreciated in order to be able to fully open their hearts, bodies, and minds to a partner. If either of you is suffering from a lack of self-esteem, for example, only half an hour of massage can do wonders for restoring confidence and a sense of self-worth. 


An adoring caress or hypnotic massage stroke given by a loving partner will encourage the body to open like a flower in the sun, drawing the rays of warmth through the skin, softening the body into a state of 

receptivity. As you surrender control of your body  to a partner, letting them manipulate your limbs and penetrate layers of subtle resistance through touch  and tenderness, massage between lovers will naturally unfold into an authentic, sensual expression of the deepest love, like a sonnet or musical composition.


Massaging your partner s chakras can help to arouse and seduce. Make time during your massage to focus on the chakra areas, particularly near the base chakra, found near the base of the spine.

As you massage your partner s back, buttocks, and thighs,  make circular movements on the lower back area. This stimulates the genitals, and these feelings move throughout the body, arousing it for further touch. You can use a vibrator to massage this area too.

Introducing erotic massage therapy into your relationship increases your partner s capacity for his own sexual pleasure because it frees him from worrying about satisfying you. You can use this massage to create sexual energy that builds to an explosion of cosmic power, culminating in earth-shattering full-body orgasms.

Orgasmic massage for him


Unlike genital massage, orgasmic massage is intended to be a sexually stimulating massage, ending in genital climax. It can open up a whole new world of orgasmic sensation that could easily remain undiscovered during regular lovemaking with a familiar partner.

Long-term couples often follow the same predictable routine when having sex, and may feel self-conscious about suddenly taking a fresh approach, fearing rejection or ridicule.

By trying to keep the relationship safe and secure, however, and avoiding risk, they also lose the element of danger or challenge that has the potential to take their sexual union to exhilarating heights.

Orgasmic massage, given with love and consciousness by an adoring and attentive partner, provides an environment for playful, agenda-less exploration in which he can safely allow himself to experience new and different kinds of pleasure on  the journey to a fulfilling and uplifting crescendo. 


Along the way, it s possible for a man to create within himself a multi-orgasmic state, in which he allows himself to develop his full sexual potential, enjoying orgasms without ejaculating, rather like the peaks and valleys of sexual arousal experienced by women.

The key to this ecstatic experience is erotic massage for him to set aside self-judgement and allow both body and mind to remain utterly in the present moment, spontaneous and non-resistant, fluid, authentic, and responsive.

When massaging the penis, remember that it is a complex and sensitive organ, capable of feeling many different sensations, depending on how and where  you stimulate. Be creative and explore new ways of caressing, stroking, and kneading with your hands, fingers, and fingertips.

Vary the speed and pressure, find your partner s favorite sensations by asking for feedback. Take your partner right up to the peak of ejaculation and then gently bring him back down again to the plateau just below, where he can recover his equilibrium and ride the waves of ecstasy for as long as he chooses. Encourage him to move his body, shake, writhe, and make sounds. This is the way to help a man become multi-orgasmic and ecstatic.


A woman who can be both patient and unselfish with her partner, setting her own expectations aside and giving wholeheartedly to his unadulterated pleasure, will definitely benefit. Your lover is likely to become more erotically charged, less constrained, and more creative during lovemaking. So all the love and attention you give will be reciprocated in kind.