Role play massage

Role Play Massage London Erotic Fantasy Scenario

role play massage londonRole play means acting or temporarily becoming, a character in a fantasy scenario. This can enhance your erotic massage by helping you focus on the touch you receive and encouraging you to try new things. Role-play can also bring a lot of laughter and fun, which helps to foster intimacy between you and your partner.


Acting encourages you to show aspects of yourself you wouldn't ordinarily risk revealing. Most of us don t get a chance to experience this unless we are professional or amateur performers. Erotic massage provides the opportunity to experiment with new roles and explore a fun and intimate fantasies with your partner.

It is liberating to allow yourself to experiment and play with your partner. It is worth overcoming any initial self-consciousness for the chance to explore your full 

erotic potential and to share your desires together. Start with simple, fun exercises together like Playing with touch, then build up to more ambitious role-playing scenarios.

We all have moments where we long to be “someone else” and erotic massage is the perfect place for us to experiment with these desires and fantasies. When you are without the restriction of clothing during a massage, take the opportunity to free yourself from any limited ideas you may have about yourself, who you are, and 

what you re capable of. At the very least, when you receive a sensual massage, close your eyes, and use this as an opportunity to imagine you are someone else, and imagine how they respond to sensual massage touch.


Your imagination belongs to you and is one of the bonuses that come with being human. Once you give yourself “permission” to try role play, let your mind guide you to what scenario you would like to try.

For example, imagine that you are a much-adored king, receiving your daily worship from one of the members of your harem, a woman you we did not meet before but who belongs to you and is here to do your bidding.

Show her a page in this book that you want her to perform. If you 're a woman perhaps you we been sent a professional massage therapist as a gift from a friend this masseur is a stranger to you but your friend claims that he is the sexiest man alive, able to engender such feelings of ardor and desire in his clients that he s been known to drive women mad. Tell him which area of the body you want to be massaged, and how long he must massage for. The possibilities are endless.


If your roleplay makes you laugh, then enjoy it! There is no need to take role play seriously; laughing can bring real energy and a connection between partners. Laughter should be part of your life, and fun and lightness is part of lovemaking and Nuru massage.

Learning to be playful with your lover will keep the flame of desire burning for a long time to come. It communicates that you are at the moment, have dropped your ego (self-consciousness), and this is the key to creativity. You will both relax more, and enjoy the massage to the full.