Relax aroma massage

Relax Aroma Massage - Relaxing Body and Mind 

Aromatherapy is the method that is based on the principle that the essential oils are absorbed through the skin and distributed over the body. Scents affect our emotions, hangulatainkat therefore well suited to address the psychological problems, balance and harmonize the soul and the body\'s energy and physical functioning.relax aroma massage london

 You can choose from the following:

 Sweet orange-lemon-Jojoba: soothing, relaxing, anti-stress oil

 Lavender : relieves muscle spasms, soothing, relaxing, soothing oil

 Arnica : true benefactor of the muscles, relieving muscle pain, muscle pain oils

 Exotic: emollient, nourishing, relaxing oil

 Rosemary-lemon grass: bland relaxing massage cream