Oral massage

Oral Nuru Massage Services in Central London

Kissing, licking, biting, and sucking; your mouth can give an entirely different kind of erotic oral massage service. Oral nuru massage does not need to lead anywhere: giving and receiving without expectation can be enjoyed for its own pleasures. Your highly sensitive mouth is able to give sensitive, subtle pleasure, so let it create a stream of new sensations, guiding your partner toward erotic bliss.oral massage


Oral seductive massage in central London is one of the most intimate and loving acts you can engage in with your partner. A person can feel exposed and vulnerable when allowing another into such close contact, so think of oral massage as an opportunity to express your sensitivity and awareness.

As the recipient, show your trust for your partner by being open to this experience. Oral nuru massage creates a deep connection and bond between two lovers that can develop your relationship.


You should both have a shower or bath, and clean your teeth before you begin your oral massage. Try to use natural, non-synthetic products as they are better for your health and have a more natural and appealing scent. You should still be able to smell and enjoy the subtle and aphrodisiac qualities of your partner’s pheromones.


In any intimate encounter, whether erotic massage or sexual intercourse, the key is to enjoy yourself. There is no need to force yourself to try something that doesn’t feel good. Some people believe a good lover is one who will try everything, but it is essential that both partners take pleasure in what they do together.

You and your partner should experiment in a spirit of playfulness and fun, free from the pressure to please. Spend time together doing the things that you enjoy, and tell your partner what feels good and what doesn't.

Be aware that what you like can change over time, however, so do keep trying new things. Doing a lot of what you enjoy will slowly but surely make you want to try a little bit of something new, and this exploration will be unforced, fun, and conducive to pleasure.

Oral massage in Edgware Road is a truly wonderful way of treating your partner and making him feel loved and desired. It can give a great deal of pleasure to your partner, and bring an erotic dimension to your massage. The emphasis here is on taking your time to create the most exquisite sensations, to be enjoyed for their own merits.

After a full body massage in South Kensington, when your partner feels completely relaxed, and with all his senses heightened, you may wish to move toward more intimate areas of his body.

Using your mouth offers a different sensual experience to him; it will feel softer, warmer, and wetter than your hands. You can vary your touches with kisses, licks, and tiny bites. Your mouth is very sensitive, so you will be aware of every touch you make and how it may feel to him.

Oral erotic massage Warren Street has no other aim than to be enjoyed for what it is. There is no need to stimulate your partner to orgasm, nor should he be under any pressure to have one.

You can both enjoy the act and the erotic sensations in their own right. Be aware and sensitive as you approach your partner for oral stimulation; a man can feel vulnerable in his sexuality and exposed when receiving oral massage. Ask before you begin oral massage, rather than surprise him.

Your partner s penis can be erect or not during this massage. If you need to, hold his penis in place with one or both hands for some of the massage techniques.

Do as much or as little as you feel comfortable with; remember that your partner will be able to sense whether you are enjoying giving the oral massage and he will respond physically if you show that it gives you pleasure too. If you don’t like the idea of something, try something else, but perform everything you do with positivity.

Some areas of the penis will respond to greater pressure than others. The glans or the head will be more sensitive and will respond to light, subtle caresses from your tongue and lips, while the shaft of the penis will respond to a deeper pressure. Try pursing your lips tightly as you run your mouth up and down.

Be as energetic and dynamic as your partner likes while you pleasure him orally. Use your hands to stroke his belly, chest, and thighs; this helps to spread the sex energy that is being generated throughout his entire body.

If he feels he is about to ejaculate, press your fingers firmly into the perineum, located just under the testicles, and wait for the impulse to subside. Your partner will experience waves of pleasure, lasting as  long as you both desire.