Nuru Massage


A Nuru massage is the most sensual and erotic massage ever! The Nuru massage a sensual full body massage, which is performed between two naked people with a unique massage gel, namely the nuru massage gel. Before the massage begins, the masseuse or partner pours generous amounts of this particular gel over the entire body of the recipient.nuru massage london

The masseuse then slides with your naked body over which the receiver solves the tension of the muscles. Often a change of partners and the roles, making the massage more interesting and exciting exciting!

The feeling of this extraordinary massage gels is sensational and the naked bodies feel extra-sexy. The word nuru comes from the way the Japanese language, which means slippery or slippery.


The Nuru Massage London was uncommon to the point of being unknown in the London area only recently it is getting awareness. That is why we are proud to present this new and sexual nuru massage to our clients and to make them familiar with this amazing product.

Many of our customers find themselves pleased with the experience and the all-natural nuru gels made from colorless and tasteless seaweed extract that create a very slippery feel.

The masseuse will warm the gel and rub your entire body down. Once you are covered with nuru gel, the masseuse will slide her body over yours to create a erotic body 2 body massage like no other.


Despite the fact that this our incall massage for a nuru massage is so sensual, it is one of the most relaxing that we have to offer. It is also a very healthy and rewarding experience since seaweed is known for its cleansing and detoxifying properties.

Not only will you receive a nuru massage, you will also experience a head to toe herbal body to body massage treatment that leaves you with smooth, renewed, clean feeling skin.

Many of our nuru massage customers enjoy this added benefit. The combination of nuru massage healthy skin treatment and erotic massage touch makes the Nuru Massage one of our ultimately preferred massage packages.