Intimate massage

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For a man, receiving a genital massage can be a profoundly validating experience. Not having to think about his own “performance” means that he can truly relax and enjoy your undivided attention. It also encourages him to relinquish control and surrender to the moment, leaving his everyday roles and responsibilities far behind

Intimate Massage Sexual Performance 

Men often set high expectations of themselves for sexual performance. They may feel under pressure to maintain an erection, to give their partner an orgasm, or to reach orgasm themselves quickly and easily. All too often sex is focused on achieving orgasm rather than on enjoying the journey.

Intimate massage provides the perfect opportunity for your partner to calm down and settle into the experience of receiving. This can be difficult at first for men who are more used to setting the pace or taking a more active role.

You can help him adjust by making him aware that this time is purely for him. Let him know that you are deriving enjoyment simply from giving to him. Bear  in mind that you are not trying to lead him toward orgasm or intercourse, but simply giving him love and attention in this moment. More than anything, a good genital massage will create a sense of physical and emotional well-being and leave him in no doubt  about how much you desire and care for him. intimate massage 

Benefits of Intimate Adult Massage 

However confident your partner may be in daily life, there is a possibility that he might feel vulnerable prior to an intimate massage. Remember that it is equally as important for men as for women to feel valued and desired by their partners. During the massage, keep telling him how attractive you find his body. Use the massage as an opportunity to give love and validation to your partner. Take your time to touch him and use a variety of strokes to show care and attention.

This massage will work best if you have at least half an hour of sensual body massage and caressing beforehand so that you both feel more relaxed and ready for intimate touch. This will also help your partner to fully experience the expanded state of sexual arousal during the erotic massage without feeling the need to ejaculate.

To create an atmosphere of respect, ask your partner’s permission to massage his genitals before you start. Suggest that he focuses throughout on each sensation as it happens in the moment. Remind him that all he has to do is lie back and enjoy himself.

As the recipient, try to feel how your sexual energy builds during the massage, and notice how it flows all around your body rather than being solely focused in your genitals. Learn to recognize and ride your waves  of sexual energy, with its peaks of orgasmic energy and quieter moments of stillness.

Give yourself space to enjoy these, rather than thinking of orgasm. There is no need to have an erection during these massages in fact, some of the strokes work best on a soft, malleable penis.  

Intimate Erotic Massage Steps


Remind yourself and your partner that he has many erogenous zones located over his whole body. While giving a genital massage, take short breaks to also tease and titillate his nipples and massage his thighs and waist. The sexual feelings you have generated will spread to these areas too.


When a man can put aside his desire to ejaculate, a whole world of enhanced sensation and extended pleasure awaits him. Both self-pleasuring and intimate sensual massage can help to extend the amount of time a man can be sexually aroused and remain in an erotic state, before ejaculation.

One way of managing your ejaculation is to simply observe your feelings of arousal without trying to suppress or heighten them. This is not the same as controlling your ejaculation because you don’t actually have to take any conscious steps to do anything. Simply relax into the moment and surrender into receiving pleasure.


If you find yourself on the brink of orgasm, try contracting every muscle in your body with all the strength you can muster. Point your toes, clench your fists, tighten your facial muscles, and draw in a deep breath, holding it for at least twenty seconds. Visualize the sexual energy you feel in your genitals shooting up through your body.

As you breathe out, allow your body to react spontaneously it may writhe, quiver, or just settle into stillness. Enjoy the release with abandon, relishing the explosive force and letting it impact your whole being.

You might find that your erection has gone, but that your whole body feels charged and revitalized. Practicing this will help you achieve mastery over your ejaculation. Use the sexual energy generated during the tantric massage to revitalize your body so that you feel alive and energized after orgasm, rather than tired and depleted.


When you have finished the massage, let your partner lie still and rest, uninterrupted, for at least five minutes. Let him assimilate all that’s happened to his body. His whole system will pulse and vibrate for quite a while as the sexual energy courses through his body. Lie together to enjoy the blissful moment. Let him know, through words or actions, that this powerful climax is to be celebrated.