Erotic Massage London

Erotic Massage London Fantasies

erotic massage londonMost people think of sexual arousal as a physical reaction, but it starts in and is fueled by the mind. By introducing fantasy into your massage and engaging both your minds in exciting play, you can discover whole new realms of sensual experience.

Your brain could be considered the largest sex organ in the body; it dictates completely how much you enjoy your erotic experiences. By learning to bring full awareness to the physical sensations of a sensual massage and by incorporating fantasy, your massage experience will be more intense and satisfying.


When you give or receive erotic massage, messages are sent from the brain to activate various glands that trigger the release of hormones throughout the body. Every massage stimulates the brain, and this then feeds back to the body.

For example, during massage serotonin (the hormone that we recognize as pleasure) is released and floods the body. Massage also helps these hormones to flow around the body, making every part of you feel energized and sexy.


When you receive an best erotic massage, bring your mind to the moment. It is easy to let your mind wander, but try instead to focus on where you are being touched. How does your skin feel? Is the touch smooth, or firm?

Where are the hands going next? As your mind engages with the erotic massage, you will notice that you enjoy the experience more fully, and your whole body will start to tingle with anticipation.


When your mind knows that a certain touch is coming, your body starts to respond in anticipation. Your skin, for example, becomes more sensitive. Creating an element of anticipation in your massage can heighten your erotic experience.

You can do this simply by talking with your partner about the erotic massage to come as you prepare your space, get out massage oils, and take a bath. Take this further by sharing a fantasy scenario beforehand.


When in a relationship with a lover, there s a belief, often unspoken, that if we love someone we should t fantasize we should be thinking, dreaming, and enjoying only our partner. The truth is that the mind will always do its own thing, and learning to embrace this, rather than resist it will bring emotional and sensual happiness.

Your erotic massage fantasies belong to you and they can give you pleasure in the most intimate of ways. You may have long-held favorite thoughts, or something new may occur to you during your massage.

Simply let your mind wander to a favorite fantasy scenario if you want to. There is no need to tell your partner what you are thinking of at the time; you could share with him or her afterward if you like. Let your mind take you where it wants to go. If it is a famous person massaging you, or you are lying on a beach somewhere, then lie back and enjoy the thought.


If you prefer, share your ideas with your partner. This can be a sexy turn-on for both of you and can bring greater intimacy and openness. You could take on roles for the duration of your erotic massage, for example, one of you could be a movie star, and the other a devoted fan.

The touch you receive can actually feel different, as your mind plays gentle tricks on you. Try one of the scenarios overleaf, and have fun with fantasy; its not something to be taken very seriously, and you can leave it behind when the massage ends. Enjoy the new energy that it can bring to your massage.