Full Body to Body Massage in London

Posted: Monday, June 26, 2017

A Full Body to Body Massage Style Not Like Other

Full body to body massage in London is a key part of most erotic massage sessions and is especially incorporated in other sensual massage therapies such as soapy and London nuru massage. The seductive masseuse will expertly massage your body using her hands, arms, legs, bum and breasts.

Let Us To Tell You How Fantastic is This Body to Body Therapy Feels

You and masseuse will both be naked in this session and you will enjoy every moment of it as a nude sexy female works her way around your torso. It will feel fantastic as you feel her breasts slides and glide up and down your back.

As per usual for erotic massages this body to body session will conclude with a happy ending that should put a big grin on your face. However, it is not just about the ending, the whole session is something to appreciate as many masseuses consider what they do as an art form, and a body to body massage is a performance as well.

Around the world this type of seductive massage is known a body to body, however it London it can locally be referred to as a body slide massage. So if you see that particular phrase mentioned on our website providers you will know what it is referring too.

London has a great choice to get a full body to body massage with our seductive masseuses who can give you a sensational slippery body to body massage. So whether you are a permanent resident or in the city on a brief visit you can easily find the provider to meet your needs. All of these services are featured on www.nurumassage-london.co.uk so we recommend you have a good browse around the site and then go make your self a booking with one of these sexy full body to body massage services.

How We Use Nuru Massage in Our Parlour in London

Posted: Monday, January 02, 2017

What is a Nuru Gel

The extraordinary sensual body to body nuru massage gel, formerly Japanese nuru gel , which is formulated from the highest quality ingredients, including grape seed extract and powerful moisturizing nori seaweed. This gel is tasteless, transparent and has a fluent consistency for long lasting Nuru Massages and excellent sexy playtime in bed, bathtub or shower.

The sensual art of massage is one which has been practiced for centuries and is the most relaxing and intimate of experiences. The Nuru massage aims to enhance that pleasure and fuel those burning desires so that couples and individuals can reach a more intense and ultimately satisfying climax, in the most enjoyable way possible. Nuru massage comes from the Japanese word "nuru" to mean slippery and this type of massage is an ancient erotic Japanese ritual, often referred to as a slippery massage.

What is a nuru massage

All you need is a tub of Nuru massage gel and some wet skin. You don't need to be an expert masseuse as the fun is in the erotic sensation of a body to body massage using this natural, safe, non-perfumed and slippery nuru gel. Used as couples or with a client, this massage is performed with both participants nude for an ultra close and ultra-erotic experience. Follow these step-by-step instructions for the perfect and most rewarding Nuru massage. Just be prepared to experience the greatest orgasmic gratification you have ever had.

1 Start Nuru Massage

Prepare the room area. Nuru gel works best on an inflatable mattress which won't absorb the gel and so will keep things slippery and interesting for longer. Or you can cover your bed with a latex mattress. Nuru gel doesn't stain so you don't have to worry about your sheets and towels, but as ordinary sheets are absorbent, we recommend you use latex or rubber for maximum enjoyment. You may need to have a couple of towels handy for afterward.

2:  Set the mood with a few scented candles and dimmed lighting. Turn up the heat, put on a little music perhaps, set the video to record, a spotlight to illuminate certain areas, whatever takes your fancy! If it puts you in the right mood then it's all good. If you are preparing the room for your client then you can do this whilst they have a shower.

3: Whilst you run a nice warm bath, just pop the Nuru gel into a sink or bowl of hot water so the heat can penetrate the gel. Warmth is a comforting sensation which enables the muscles in your body to relax and remain supple and flexible. As the Nuru massage encourages you to try out positions you've never experienced before, it's best to be completely relaxed and pliant.

4: Take an intimate warm bath or shower together and take some time to explore each other's bodies whilst allowing the warm water to soak through your skin. This will put you both in just the right mood and enable your bodies to fully relax and even get a little aroused. Having wet and supple skin is essential for you to fully appreciate the sensual pleasure the gel will invoke and it will of course, heighten your enjoyment of it. Do not dry yourselves when you get out of the bath as the gel works best on warm, wet skin.

5: Pour the warmed nuru gel into a wooden bowl and mix it with just a small amount of warm water until you get the consistency you desire. Too much water can make the gel runny so just add a little at a time. Mixing it with your hands will give you a much better idea of the consistency. Try mixing it together for a little fun beforehand. The gel should be gloopy but not watery.

6: Whilst you are both still warm and wet, retire to your prepared room which should not be too hot nor too cold. 35 degrees has been considered the optimum temperature for things to get a little steamy. Allow your partner to lay down on their back whilst you massage as much, or as little, as you like over their body. Allow the gel to pour over their back and starting at the top and using deep stroking movements, work your way down to the bottom nice and slowly. Use your fingers, hands, feet, toes, arms, breasts, buttocks and any other parts of your body to rub the gel in and have fun.

7: Once your partner is slippery, wet and warm you can change positions and allow them to stroke the gel all over your own body, starting at the top and again, working their way slowly downwards using every part of themselves to slather it over you. Now you will fully appreciate the meaning of a slippery Nuru massage.

8: Now that you are both fully coated, you can squirm and slide over each other, exploring the body in fun new ways, using your imagination to experiment, tease, arouse and pleasure each other. And just in case things aren't wet and moist enough, you can also use Nuru gel as a lubricant for a spicier and more climatic experience. Don't hold back, just go with whatever feels good and let your imaginations run wild! Unlike some other massage gels, the Nuru gel washes off easily leaving no residue, stains or scent, just the memories of a blissful and fulfilling nuru massage London. Once you've benefitted from Nuru gel you won't be able to imagine sex without it. It's fast becoming the most popular form of sensual massage in London and worldwide. We guarantee that your clients or partners will definitely be back for more nuru massage!

What is A Sensual Body Massage

Posted: Friday, November 06, 2015

What Is a Sensual Body to Body Massage?

A sensual body to body message London can be one of the biggest pleasures in life. Lying down with eyes, coupled with the sound of peaceful music in the back ground, with the feel and aroma of massage oils being applied slowly all over the warm points on the body can be a highly exciting activity. When alternated with powerful and soft strokes of masseurs hands it can have an aphrodisiac result.

body to body massage london

There are many massage styles to select from. You could try out the Thai, Swedish, India, or any of the simple body massage London. If you want it as non-sexual activity actually for rejuvenation objectives it would be best idea to get it done by an expert at one of the resort or spa or maybe a body massage London center. You may also perform it right in the relaxation of your home, especially if you want to make it an activity preceding sex with your partner. A best comforting sensual body massage is a vital part of partner play in the bedroom.


Benefits of Sensual Body to Body Massage Activity

It is relaxing – Trust it or not, most of the relations go out of hands easily because the partners are too tense out even think of sex! A simple body to body sensual massage can do surprises to rejuvenate you and your partner and makes a slow elevation of wishes.
It helps linking – after being out the full day at job and going through the grind, a sensual body to body massage is a remarkable way for the partners to link.  You may begin as just as general shoulders and arm scrub and then move to the complete body massage.
In Lieu – Sex does not forever mean having sex. A best sensual body to body massage can be an activity in itself and can verify to be a remarkable alternative that has the perspective of making your next sexual encounter much more enjoyable.
Having it before – A best massage supports easing out both of you raises the libido.  Simply put, it supports in prolonging the big activity.
It does not problem how you do it. You don’t have to have expert guidance for an easy activity like a sensual body massage. A little general sense and following your partner’s reaction as well as indices is all that it takes to bring joy without being too naughty.


Body Massage in London

Posted: Thursday, October 08, 2015

Body Massage in London to Show You Care

Massage is now a famous term in all over the world which is basically a treatment of deeper, connective tissues and outer layers of muscles, where various types of Ayurveda techniques are used. The treatment is performed on the human body with pressure as well as movements, then you will be able to enjoy soothe and relaxed feelings. Massage is a leading requirement of the human body, and this technique is becoming one of the healthiest therapies nowadays.
Body Massage in London

The Rewards of Massage therapy

Massage is generally applied to induce general relaxation in our body, so any types of stress or anxiety or strain coming from our daily life can be removed and erased by massage. This technique is really productive, working on both of our mind and body properly. Hypertension, anxiety, sinusitis, insomnia, headaches, hyperactivity and other various types of illness can be treated by massage; not only that sometimes heart ailments or another serious disease can be treated with specific massage techniques.
If you are living in London and want to get the full body massage services, first you have to do thorough research about the body massage in London. A body massage is actually a special as well as a comfortable technique to have a masseuse work through the entire body.
Body massage London is known in all over the world to bring about various types of benefits to our body. This include:

Eases Muscle Pain

Massage therapy is an excellent procedure by which you can get relieved from Muscle pain and this is very common practice for all sports people and active people. Through Massage, the blood circulation is improved, so that various types of disease or illness can be erased from our body. In the last few decades, massage therapy has also been proven as a powerful as well as an effective treatment for the people who are suffering from any types of chronic pain.

Calms Depression and Anxiety

The physical advantages of Body massage London therapy are vast, but the mental benefits may be harder to understand. This Massage therapy is very effective to help those individuals who are suffering from anxiety, strain, and depression. Full body massage services is safe, user-friendly and professional in nature. Those people who generally use the massage therapy on a daily basis, often feeling less depressed, less or doesn’t get angry quickly. Massage therapy helps to control the emotional conditions of a human mind.

Improves Sleep

There are lots of individuals who have a very tough time to get the proper amount of sleep. Body massage in London can be extremely advantageous for those individuals who are suffering from insomnia. The techniques are used to promote the relaxation, in both the body and mind.

Boosts the Immune System

The cold and flu season just right around the corner, most of the people do not have proper immune systems by which they can fight against viruses. Massage therapy is very effective for developing the rate of white blood cell in our body. These cells assist the body fight against viruses and colds. So body massage can enhance the immune function.

The Dream Experience

Posted: Friday, July 31, 2015


Tantric Massage in London -The Dream Experience

Quite a few people travel frequently for business. Business persons who travel may surmise that unwinding beside dozing is impractical from one's lodging room. Such musings are really turned out to be off-base! Getting a massage is an ideal approach to accomplish only that. From the solace of one's hotel room, you may have the capacity to get a massage permitting you to leave every one of the stresses of your business issues and burdens behind. There are outcall massage benefits that one can exploit. Before going to bed straight after a professional, why not spend an hour or two recovering a tantric massage inside of the solaces you could call your own in room. Such a massage will abandon you feeling with a restored feeling of erotic vitality for your body as well as for your brain and soul.

The Benefits of Tantric massage services

Tantric massage services are well known in any city. This sort of massage is a kind of treatment that consolidates conventional back rubs of both the East and the West. By and large, the reason for existing is to get out the blockage of feelings and vitality found inside of your body. The objective is to stir and channel your arousing vitality. There are a ton of medical advantages one may get from encountering an outcall rub. Tantric massage specifically permits the customer to experience a condition of empowering tranquil vitality to enter the body. As an impact, it decreases all anxiety, negative feelings, and emotions before the massage session. It additionally sends the psyche into hibernation mode permitting one to concentrate on the feelings of health while being kneaded. Generally speaking, a tantric massage in London will advance your body's stamina and vitality levels, prompting you being a more adroit and effective agent.

What You Should Know About

Before we examine this sort of massage in more detail, we have to comprehend that Tantric massage is one of a kind and an exceptionally uncommon sort of back rub. Likewise, with different types of back rub, Tantric massage services have its own particular one of kind advantages. What especially speaks to me is the way this concentrates all the more on our sentiments and profound prosperity instead of our physical wellbeing. Lamentably, it isn't so much that regular and, hence, not promptly accessible only all over the place because of the authority abilities and preparing included. The expert of tantric massage in London must be an expert of the essential and propelled standards of Tantra and contemplation. The Tantric massage encounter dependable starts with old Tantric customs and a period of contemplation to concentrate on the Chakras and the otherworldly connection with the whole universe.

The Evolution of Mind

You should dependably remember that this sort of massage is not intended to calm the burdens and strains that our bodies have been subjected to, to work the muscles, or to concentrate on our physical prosperity. Tantric massage stirs the concealed spiritualist vitality and brings your body and soul in complete congruity with the universe. Tantric massage service makes utilization of light, exotic and moderate strokes that can channel vitality and expand the body's affect ability to an alternate reality. You may wish to apply some medium weight at the edges of the spine so as to make your massage successful, however generally keep yourself to light weight and to the developments propelled from the way vitality moves through the body and particularly the fantastic development upwards from the base of the spine.


How to Control and Prolong Ejaculation

Posted: Friday, July 03, 2015

How to Control and Prolong Ejaculation

Erotic massages London services have been known to be the best reliever for men’s sexual needs. In erotic massage therapy services the professionals not only cares men’s entire body but also their private parts and this leads to intense and relaxing orgasms. Men go through many sexual frustrations even during massages. Worst of them all is premature ejaculation. This condition is widespread and has different ramifications for men. The most common causes of premature ejaculation are lack of experience, anxiety, stress and excitement levels. However, there are ways of avoiding premature ejaculation during a erotic massage.


You can take medication just as you set out for erotic massage services. There are medications which will balance the dopamine and serotonin in the body. They then lead to a longer climaxing period. When you feel you have an imbalance in your hormones try talking to your physician about it so you can get to control the problem. The doctor will advise you on how the hormones can be balanced so that you will have a blast the next time you go for a massage.

Manage Anxiety

Anxiety is one of the causes of premature ejaculation. It makes no sense to simply stop being anxious but lowering your anxiety levels will help you a lot during the erotic massage services. With this you will have to change your thinking about the massage so as to prolong your ejaculation. Try and limit the stresses you go through just before you settle for erotic massage London. You can do this by simply taking your mind off some of the well-known problems and ensuring that you don’t over think too much. While you are engaged in the massage process you should prolong your ejaculation.

Have better sexual responses

The way you respond to sex matters a lot. Erotic massage services are largely about sex. Try and understand your triggers so you manage the massage situation well. A sexual cycle starts with an arousal and ends with a climax. Therefore as you get through the massage you should prolong your arousal stage and make it last as long as possible. The best way to do this is to try and think of the massage in a different way and not in a sexual manner. The shift in thinking has proved important and will prolong your cycle significantly.

Kegal Exercise

This has helped women under various occasions to strengthen their pelvic muscles. It has been proven to help men as well. These exercises entail squeezing your muscles which control ejaculation. Make sure that you tighten them and release during the erotic massage services. When you tighten and relax you make them stronger. They are actually the same muscles that contract and relax anytime you stop or release urine. Exercising the Kegal muscles is the ultimate way of prolonging ejaculation in men.

Erotic massage services London are meant to be enjoyed. When you simply can’t prolong your ejaculation during the massage simply get some help instead of going numb about it. Once you solve it you will let go of your frustrations.


Sensual Tantric Massage London for Men and Women

Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Most Popular Sensual Massage Services for Men and Woman

Many people have always wondered what sensual massage is all about. If you are in London you have probably had a friend who has undergone various episodes of sensual massage. From their testimony they will always praise how good the massage session was. It is no doubt sensual massage London is one of the best in the world but first it is important to understand what it is all about. A sensual massage if way different from other massages as it is more intimate. It is also erotic in nature and during the massage the masseur can use nut just their hands but also lips, mouth and other body parts to give you an arousing feeling. Basically the aim of the massage session is to see you achieve sexual satisfaction especially in the erogenous areas. Here are the types of the sensual massages you can get in London.

Erotic Massage

In this massage the main focus is to get you to climax sexually. The masseur will do all he or she can to get you to orgasm. An erotic sensual massage service is more comprehensive compared to other massages. You will be kissed wherever you want even as you get the soft and tender touch of the masseur. Usually an erotic massage has the option for a Happy Ending or no Happy Ending. Happy Ending simply means there will be penetration just after the massage session. However, if you opt for happy ending be ready to pay slightly more. Apart from sexual climax erotic massage also relives you of stress.Sensual Tantric Massage London

Tantric Massage

It is one of the best sensual massages in London. A tantric massage is not just for sensual purposes but also heals one’s conscience as well. It involves the use of hands and stroking as well. Usually the masseur uses a soft gel and applies it all over your body then spreads it all over. He or she will then apply strokes on you in a romantic and sexual manner. This way your muscles will be relived of tension even as your mind relaxes instantly. It has proven helpful for mental and stress situations for many people. Tantric massage also entails sexual climax and satisfaction as well. The masseur will also reach out and massage the private parts of your body as well thereby giving you a good feeling.

Nuru Massage

It is a different type of sensual massage London. Nuru massage is ideal for couples or relationship partners but can also be conducted by a masseur as well. In nuru massage one of the partner, preferably the lady, applies the massaging gel all over her body. She will then gently roll over her male counterpart in a seductive and sensual way. As she rolls body to body contact helps in relaxing the pressure between the two. The end result is a relaxed couple who have well for their relaxation. Nuru massage helps in vitalizing a person’s sexual life as it is arousing and satisfying as well. People like it because it does not just relax your body muscles and mind but also boosts your sexual life. 


How to Hire Erotic Massage Paddington in London

Posted: Tuesday, April 28, 2015

How to Hire Erotic Massage Paddington in London

London can get so stressful just like any other city in the world. You might need to overwork, stress up and be anxious occasionally just so you can achieve your desired dreams. This article will explain to you how you can relieve yourself from the burdens of life with massage. Erotic massages are the best of all and if you reside in Paddington and its environments help has just come your war. Getting erotic massage Paddington is now easier than before. You only need to have some few considerations and factors in mind for you to get the best services and relieve yourself.erotic massage paddington


Factors to be considered

There are various ways on how to get the best erotic massage in London. First, it is always very important to get experienced professionals who know what they are doing. Erotic massage is just not like conventional massage practices as it demands more. Besides, it is more fun when conducted by a professional. Trained massages therapist know how to engage you during the massage session. They will relieve you of stress and add more value to the session as you converse in a sweet manner. Usually, the sweet conversations are ideal for forgetting life pressures and healthy for the mind.


Go for the Opposite Sex

If you need the perfect erotic massage London your best pick is a professional of the opposite sex. If you are a man go for a lady therapist and if you are a lady go for male therapists. Experts explain this in terms of connection and bonding which is perfect for the opposite sex. The professional will engage you better in s sensual manner and take you to heights you have never experienced. There is more to massage than what you see in television programs and movies. You will not regret any single moment you enjoy the tender massage offered by London professionals.


Consider your sexuality

An erotic massage is largely sexual and gives you the relief just the way you want it. You, therefore, have to consider your sexuality and what really gets you more. If you want a massage service Paddington your options are varied regardless of your sexuality. You will get bisexual therapists who are good at what they or heterosexuals as well. It all comes to what you really want and how you want it. Don’t stress yourself if you are a lady and prefer to be massaged by a lady. As you get into the parlor explain to the attendants what you really want.


Couple Therapy

In couple therapy, you will have a session with your partner and professionals. Erotic massages are very crucial for relationships and especially in marriages. When you massage your partner after a long day's work you get to connect and bond well with each other. Therefore, erotic massage Paddington is also helpful and can teach you and your partner on how to revitalize your marriage with massaging sessions. Alternatively, you can hire the professionals to come right to your residence where they will teach you and massage you as well. It is important to note that there are packages so you get to choose to depend on what you can afford. 


How Can Tantric Massage In London Be of Benefit For Anyone?

Tantric massage is a sensual massage which is erotic as well. It helps heal the soul and mind as well because it has philosophical aspects as well. It is true that you can achieve success in whatever you do by getting sexual satisfaction. However, the tantric massage does not involve penetration that leads to orgasm. If you are in London just allow yourself to imagine the scene and experience you would get with tantric massage. Think of the nice, soft and tender hands all over your body through your private parts and the gently flowing strokes of the therapist’s hands. This would be a great relief for tension in your muscles. It is a wonderful feeling and awesome experience.

In London tantric massage services allow you to fantasize and let your mind wonder freely. You will feel good and aroused as well and get the best of what professional therapists have to offer. Whether you are a guest on tour or you are a city resident the massage will be of great benefit for you. After all the hustle and bustle just relieve you with the massage as you explore the finest things London can provide.tantric massage london

Prolongs life

Once you get tantric massage London you will have a change of your perception about life. As you connect to your inner self and get relieved sexually you revitalize everything about you and think deeply about the changes you need to make in your life. These are the life-prolonging changes which will see you live better and for way longer. The massage is not just for pleasure but also has a purpose of actually making you happier just so you forget about all the worries you might have had. It is an experience that every adult needs as it is crucial for the longevity of life.

Intensifies your Sexual Vitality

Are you having sexual problems and have no one to share with? Don’t get stressed up at all. Tantric massage services in London are ideal for fixing sexual problems for both males and females. You might be having a problem with orgasm or erectile failures but it is simply because you haven’t pressed the right buttons yet. The massage therapist will open a whole new chapter for you and teach you how to spice up things with your partner. The best part about tantric massage is because it is evidence based so everything is done for you as you observe and experience the amazing moment.

Excites production of antibodies

Tantric massage is a miracle. It literally sees you through and reveals a new you. As you get the massage you will have a racing blood flow which will, in turn, see more production of antibodies. In future when you encounter illness-causing germs you will be on the safer side as the antibodies will protect you always. The massage, therefore, helps you live a healthy life and enables good functioning of your body organs as well. Ensure you get the best of it as you will healthy for longer. 

Nuru Massage in London is Just Click Away

She is putting the finishing touches on his happy ending Nuru massage. Not wanting to get jizz all over him, she has him shoot his wad into her waiting hands. It has to be nice to have such a hot sensual girls chick giving you a pure Nuru massage. Just look at the body on this chick.

What guy would not pay a little extra to get a happy ending Nuru massage from her? As soon as she would walk into the room my dick would get hard. I would be hoping she would be asking me if I wanted a Nuru massage with release. She takes full erotic massage services to a new level.nuru massage

Happy Ending Nuru Massage

When you pay for a happy ending Nuru massage, make you are sure you get your monies worth! When it is time to tap her tight blonde or brunette pussy, hit it hard! Spank that bitches snapper hard and fast! Do I really have to tell you this? Look at how hot and sexy this girl is? If my masseuse looked like her I would have to tap it nice and hard!

You do not know her, she does not know you. But she is hot and sexy and willing to fuck your brains out! An erotic massage does not get any better than this! Sit back and watch some of the hottest happy ending Nuru massage galleries on our www.nurumassage-london.co.uk . Your erotic massage by happy ending is just a click away.

Full Body Oral Nuru Massage

Here is one full body Nuru massage technique that your wife should not forget. Get on top and fuck your cock hard!! I love the oil on her body and look at how hard her nipples are, this chick is really into screwing this guy. Don’t you just love a girl who absolutely loves her job? Suggest to your wife she gives you a full body massage. Talk her through it. 
After she gives you a nice hand job, have her jump on your pole and screw you until you cum. Afterward, buy her something nice and expensive, you are sure to keep the happy ending Nuru massages coming for a long time!!

I want this hot seductive girl to give me a happy ending Nuru massage. She seems to give it her all. She going to use both hands on this guy and after she has him hard as a rock, you know she is going sit right down on his shaft and give him a good fucking.

I make me want to run out to a Nuru massage in London and get me a nice happy ending with erotic massage! These chicks really know how to give a guy his monies worth when it comes to a full-service massage. Her full-service massage will leave you empty of all your jizz! 

Cum to have the hottest erotic massage on our massage place locate in central London.


How to Nuru Massage by Happy Ending

Posted: Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Very Hot Authentic Erotic Nuru Massage 

Business men always love it when they are sent to London for a week of meetings and fun. As soon as their plane lands they head to an erotic massage parlor or swanky seductive tantric masseuses. It is here where hot and exotic women give them a full body massage with a happy ending.
With a few extra money you can add a second girl to help get the kinks out. At this erotic massage location, men pay much more for their special Nuru Massage. Nuru is a gel that makes bodies almost frictionless, Can you imagine the fucking hand job you could get if a chick used Nuru on you? That is a happy ending time 10! This is the best erotic massage you look for on in our girls galery. A hot chick who will get you off!! A good old fashioned cock and ball with erotic nuru massage. You enter her massage room. She gets undressed and shows off her smoking hot body. nuru massage london

Happy Ending Professional Nuru Massage

She oils you up and starts to rub you down. Then she slips her hand around your cock and starts to jack you off. You paid the full amount so a blow job soon follows and then she gets up on the table and fucks your cock with her hot and wet pussy! It is always a happy ending at this erotic sensual massage services!
This special lube makes for a very slippery nuru massage in London. The sexy is hard and fast. His masseuse puts lube on his cock and rubs him harder and faster than ever before. His big cock slides in and out of her with little effort. 

It makes it easy for both of them to have an orgasm. This is the erotic nuru massage you have always wanted!! This hot goddess knows how to use her hands. She has him rock hard and ready to burst. She has spent almost an hour working to the point of cumming. Rubbing and tugging his cock, giving him the best blow job he has ever had. Finally, slipping his thick cock into her pussy and working her magic with her tight cunt. 

One of the most erotic massage by happy ending you will ever see.You know part of this happy ending erotic tantric massage is going to be a tit massage. He is going to put his cock in between those huge mellons and give them a nice fucking. When they are all wet and soapy he better give them a good milking.These seductive massages take place in a nice soapy bath tub. Totally nude and the girls are very hot! Love a happy ending massage in London? You need to check these rub downs out.