Sensual massage

Sensual massage is change your senses and are the gateway to your erotic massage experience. By becoming more aware of sound, taste, visuals, and touch, you intensify your massage and discover more sensuality.

Sensual massage is an effective way to draw out and develop a man’s sensual nature. Given with love and awareness, massage can help remove any resistance he may have to reveal his softer, sensual side and encourage him to relax and enjoy it.


Men are different sensual creatures than women. They tend to be more practical and possibly less intuitive, being more likely to process what’s going on in the world using the analytical right side of the brain, rather than the more emotional left side.

For a man, getting in touch with his sensual side means being willing to make himself vulnerable by letting go of his sense of order and exploring his deeper sensuality more fully. An erotic massage is a powerful tool in helping to release the very potent male sensual energy.


Sensual massage before to ejaculation is a natural function and a release that men need at intervals. However, many men fall into the habit of ejaculating every time they masturbate or have sex, unaware of they are potential to orgasm without ejaculating, which can allow them to retain this energy.

The compulsion to ejaculate, which often leads to a feeling of depletion, occurs because sometimes it’s the only way a man knows how to experience nuru massage pleasure and also because it can be the only outlet through which men can release pent-up energy, stress, and unexpressed anger. As he learns how to expand his senatorial response he can also discover the joys of becoming orgasmic, rather than being driven by the need to ejaculate.

Preparation for Sensual Massage London

Sensual MassageLock the door and turn off the phone

  • Massage aims to relax all the senses. Your preparation should center on this idea.
  • Sensual Massage needs Soft lighting. Nobody keeps his eyes open through a massage. Lighting should be soft and indirect. A well-shaded lamp is fine. Candlelight or an oil lamp is even better. Or work in the dark some night when the moon is up.

Sensual Massage needs Quiet. If you're indoors listening to the room. Every room has its own sounds and they become very apparent while you’re stroking. If the two of you like the message you may want to let it go on.

Otherwise, music is a wonderful way to fill a massage room. Something easy and smooth. Flutes, Classical Guitar, Slow Blues, a Raga or Chant. Of course, if you’re outdoors it’s all there waiting for you.

  • Sensual Massage needs Warm. At least 75 degrees. Your partner barely moves while you’re stroking and will feel even the slightest chill in the room long before you do. Be sure your hands are warm before you begin touching.
  • Sensual Massage needs Taste. You know what he likes. The body. Most people like a hot bath or shower before the massage. A sauna is fine too if you have one. If you do use a sauna, wait at least twenty minutes after the final bath for the body to cool thoroughly before you begin the massage.
  • Whatever you decide on be sure both of you are clean. Trim your fingernails. Stay off waterbeds and soft mattresses if you’re serious about massage. Your partner needs to rest on a fairly level surface. It’s easy to create one on a warm beach or a grassy field with perhaps a heavy blanket and sheet to smooth over bumps, grit, and dust.

You can cover your pillows with sheets or, for a few dollars more, with velvet, silk, and satin fabrics the way we did. You may want to give extra support with cushions under the small of the back, below the ankles, and behind the neck.

Sure the long burning kind. Be sure everything is where you want it before you begin so you can avoid short jerky motions and interruptions. Repeat movements three times (unless otherwise noted). When your partner gets excited about something you’re doing keep it up for awhile.

Be sure there is no serious skin, joint, or muscle problems before you begin massaging. Your partner should remove contact lenses before you begin. Workaround bruises, cuts and abrasions.

In any case, if anything you do causes pain, stop, and go on to another part of the massage. Never hurt your partner. Use pressures that feel good to him. Touch and stroke as much as possible all through the massage. Use the full surface of your hands keeping your fingers together.

All movements should blend into each other in a single smooth motion. Touch your partner when you move from one part of the body to another, making the contact seem continuous and a part of the massage.

  • Sensual Massage needs silence. The strokes that follow give you enough technique for a complete body massage. Use them to work on the whole body or any part of it. While you learn you may want to improvise a bit as you develop a personal massage style but always remember to keep your stroking rhythmic, even and symmetrical.
  • Don’t worry too much if you don’t get a stroke perfectly the first time through. All touch feels good. One of the really fine things about seductive nuru massage is that it allows people to forget about clocks and schedules. The body alive outside of time.